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The contours of your body can be affected by a number of things. Aging alone can alter your size and shape, but so too can factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations and lifestyle choices. Many times, even a healthy diet and disciplined exercise routine can’t eliminate stubborn pockets of fat or excess skin.

Fortunately, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez can help you achieve the elegant contours you desire with an array of sophisticated plastic surgery options.

If you would like to learn more about the body contouring offerings available at Renue Aesthetic Surgery, please contact us today online or at 913-685-1108 to schedule a personal consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez. We welcome patients from Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and nearby areas.

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Body Plastic Surgery

Whether you want to target a specific problem area or improve the overall appearance of your physique, Dr. Perez can help you look and feel your absolute best. The body contouring procedures offered at Renue Aesthetic Surgery include:

  • Tummy tuck: Tummy tucks are designed to tighten the muscle of your stomach region and remove excess skin, providing a more flattened abdominal area.
  • Arm and thigh lift: Thighs and upper arms tend to accumulate stubborn pockets of fat and flabby, excess skin. Arm lifts and thigh lifts can improve the appearance of these common problem areas.
  • Brazilian butt lift: This procedure can help you achieve a more attractive and shapely posterior by redistributing your body’s natural fat.
  • Mommy makeover: More than just a single surgery, mommy makeovers involve a combination of breast and body procedures to help you restore your pre-pregnancy body.
  • Smartlipo: This innovative liposuction technique uses a safe, advanced laser to melt the fat within your body, then draws it out through a cannula (narrow tube).

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"I Will Definitely Be Returning if I Ever Choose to Have Any Other Procedures Done."

"I’m three weeks postoperative and I’m already pleased with my results, mind you I am still pretty swollen right now and will be for at least the next couple of months or so. My experience had been amazing since the beginning. He has answered all of my questions with sincerity! The staff are all genuinely sweet, knowledgeable and patient."


Is Body Contouring Surgery Right for Me?

body contouring images at Renue Aesthetic SurgeryIf you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, undergone a gastric bypass or have retained excess fat and skin following a pregnancy, body contouring may be an ideal way to help you achieve a more toned and sculpted figure.

Body contouring surgery can effectively address a variety of common aesthetic issues, such as:

  • Deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise
  • Loose, hanging skin caused by pregnancy or weight loss
  • Skin laxity caused by aging

If you are beginning to notice diminishing returns on your fitness efforts, Dr. Perez can help put the finishing touches on the results you have worked so hard to achieve. During your initial consultation, he will discuss your goals, evaluate your physical condition and explain all of your treatment options.

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You deserve the confidence and satisfaction that comes with taking pride in the appearance of your body. Please contact Renue Aesthetic Surgery today online or at 913-685-1108 to learn how board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez can help you reach your aesthetic goals. We proudly serve patients from Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and neighboring communities.