Gentle Max Pro Plus Laser

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First Gentle Max Pro Plus Laser here in Kansas!

Gentle Max Pro Plus Laser is a powerful, yet gentle laser system that we use to treat LASER HAIR REMOVAL, SKIN TIGHTENING AND WRINKLE REDUCTION, CHERRY ANGIOMAS (small, red, pinhead lesions that appear on the torso, arms and legs with age), FRECKLES AND AGE SPOTS.  Gentle Pro lasers have over 20 years of proven results on hair removal and on a myriad of other skin conditions such as wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and sun spots, on all skin types. Gentle Pro devices deliver short pulses of light energy into the skin, using state - of - the - art technology. The Gentle Pro systems are FDA and CE cleared. 


Gentle Pro lasers for hair removal work by selectively targeting the hair follicle with intense pulses of light energy for thermal destruction, but without damaging the surrounding tissue. The epidermis is protected by the Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™), which sprays the treatment area before each laser pulse with a liquid cryogen coolant. This system provides a cooling protection factor over 50% greater than contact or air cooling, and can be adjusted to individual needs to make the procedure as comfortable as possible!

When treating Pigmented Lesions, the light energy is absorbed disproportionately by the concentration of pigment which forms the unwanted lesion. This selective delivery of laser energy destroys the excess pigment and fades the lesion, but remarkably leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected.

When treating wrinkles, the Gentle Pro laser pulses are typically delivered very quickly over the affected area, gradually heating the skin until the therapeutic temperature is reached. Ultimately, the light pulsed laser energy stimulates the production of collagen, improving the appearance of wrinkles from the inside out.

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