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Have you struggled to fill out that favorite pair of jeans? Do you want a curvier derriere? Many patients say to Dr. Perez during a consultation: “If I could just get rid of this excess fat at the top of my pants and move it to my rear!”

What Is Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

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Buttock augmentation with fat transfer is an innovative surgical procedure that Dr. Perez performs to help women (and even men) improve the appearance of their gluteal area. Surgical advances in the technique of transporting fat from one site to another have made possible this augmentation procedure.

Who Is a Candidate? 

Ideal candidates for Brazilian butt lift have fat stores to spare. Dr. Perez finds that most commonly candidates are those who are close to ideal weight but have excess fat through the abdominal area, love handles, thighs and back.

The goal of the procedure is to add volume to the rear end with that added side effect of re-contouring the body. Smaller frame individuals are more challenging, and in these cases, fat can also be harvested from upper arms and inner thighs for desired results. Individuals who have an inadequate amount of fat may be required to gain weight of 10 to 20 lbs to be considered a candidate. Those individuals who request an overemphasized look may require more than one procedure.

It must be noted that this procedure is great for re-contouring the body and improving one’s figure. However, keep in mind it is not a weight loss procedure. Most candidates for this procedure are patients that have available fat stores in the abdominal and love handle region. Thinner patients may desire to gain weight of 10 to 20 pounds to have adequate fat to transfer.

The Consultation

Every surgical consultation at Renue Aesthetic Surgery is done exclusively with Dr. Perez. At your initial consultation, Dr. Perez will spend time reviewing your medical history and assessing your expectation of undergoing buttock augmentation with fat transfer. Time will be spent discussing in detail his surgical approach and examine the amount of body fat he would be able to harvest.

The examination gives patient an idea of the amount of volume and CCs they would need to get a desired look. Dr. Perez and his nurse will guide you through this process. Typically 500 to 700 CC need to be transferred to each buttock, but the volume harvested depends on the patients weight and body frame. 

Our goal at Renue Aesthetic Surgery is to prepare you for a decision that is unique and personal and leave you at ease about the decision you and Dr. Perez feel about your surgery.

The Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is a three step-process performed by Dr. Perez. First, fat will be suctioned (harvested) from certain areas of the body where there is excess. Common sites include the love handles, stomach, back and thighs. Second, the fat is processed, eliminating the excess fluid, and taking much care with use of special suction machine and instruments as not to kill any fat cell. Even with the most careful technique, expect only 60% of the fat cells harvested to survive. As a consequence of this, a second procedure may be needed. Finally, the fat is prepared and injected in the area of the gluteus that needs augmentation.

educational image illustrating buttock augmentation surgery

The Recovery

In the immediate post surgery period, results will be seen, however the harvest and injected areas will be quite swollen. Patients can expect to have a post surgical compression body garment from above the thigh to below the breast area. This garment applies firm pressure to the harvest areas but has a relaxed more gentle compression to the gluteal area.

BBL recovery process infographic Pain is controlled by oral narcotic pain medication. Patients can also expect to have drains which will be removed at the first post operative visit. Activity will be limited, but early ambulation is encouraged. Patients will have to refrain from sitting, laying, or applying any pressure to the gluteal area for the first 2 to 4 weeks. This is so the newly transplanted fat cells can adjust to their new home and survive. Patients will sleep on their stomach or side and avoid sitting. Although this may be difficult to comply with, it is truly necessary to obtain optimal results.

Dr. Perez will follow the patient with weekly visits the first two weeks and then reevaluate the patient at 2 week intervals. At first the gluteal area will be quite swollen, including the surrounding harvested areas. Some patients even develop bruising which will fade in a couple weeks. As the healing process continues the swelling will go down and patients will begin to see the increased gluteal volume and improved contour.

The Results

Removing unwanted fat from problem areas, such as the hips, thighs, and “love handles,” can correct a boxy, flat shape or simply add volume to the buttock area. The advantage of this procedure is that you get the associated liposuction from the harvesting phase. Patients who once had a square shape through their midsection are left with a more hour glass figure and stream lined silhouette.

This procedure is performed in an accredited outpatient surgical center facility in Overland Park. For patients who desire more dramatic improvement in curves, a second procedure may be needed. Call Renue Aesthetic Surgery at 913-685-1108 today to arrange your consultation at our Kansas City-area office.