Mommy Makeover

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Dr. Victor Perez talking to a patient at Renue Plastic Surgery
January 15, 2024
Your body goes through many changes between pregnancy and childbirth, and while sometimes it bounces back, other times, it does not. This is where surgery can help. A mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries designed to help you look and feel your best after starting a family. This surgery can… Read Full Post
October 15, 2022
Women over 40 are likely to be familiar with the phenomenon of saggy arms. For many, the combination of loose skin and stubborn fat that gathers under the arms is a constant source of distress. Saggy arms result from genetics, age, muscle mass, and weight. While it is more common for older women… Read Full Post
June 05, 2020
At Renue Aesthetic Surgery, we have been back to normal operations since mid-May, but with added measures implemented to prevent the spread or transmission of COVID-19. Your health is our priority. Call us today to find out what we are doing to keep our patients safe while still making sure people… Read Full Post
October 08, 2019
This time of year is a great time to undergo a tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedure. Although the right time is anytime you feel ready, autumn and winter have particular benefits, including: Holiday time off from work you can apply toward your recovery Colder temps mean you can cover up… Read Full Post
July 23, 2019
Making sure you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery is an important part of the process. One of the candidacy factors is body weight. Some people may be advised by the plastic surgeon that they will need to lose a certain amount of weight in order for surgery to be safe and effective. This… Read Full Post
May 08, 2019
Tummy tuck surgery (also called "abdominoplasty") sculpts and re-shapes the belly by removing excess skin and fat. The only way to know if you can benefit from a tummy tuck, and if it is the right procedure for your goals, is to visit experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez. He makes sure you… Read Full Post
December 20, 2018
You've heard the term before, but what exactly does it mean? "Mommy makeover" is a phrase generally referring to procedures designed to address certain physical changes caused by pregnancy. A mommy makeover isn't any specific method, but instead could include various types of plastic surgery chosen… Read Full Post
November 09, 2018