What Is the Best Procedure for Saggy Arms?

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Posted: October 15, 2022

Portrait of mother playing with baby on beachWomen over 40 are likely to be familiar with the phenomenon of saggy arms. For many, the combination of loose skin and stubborn fat that gathers under the arms is a constant source of distress.

Saggy arms result from genetics, age, muscle mass, and weight. While it is more common for older women to experience sagginess under the upper arm, overweight women and women with severe loss of elasticity in the skin can also experience it. Even men can have saggy arms.

What Causes Saggy Arms?

Our skin naturally loses elasticity as we age, contributing to saggy arms, brows, and other areas. This loss of elasticity is a gradual process that becomes more noticeable after age 40. Several factors might contribute to increased loss of elasticity, including sun damage, smoking, poor nutrition, poor hydration, or genetic factors.

In addition to losing skin elasticity, stubborn fat accumulates more rapidly as we age. Depending on your genetics, this fat may accumulate in several places, including under your arms.

What Can I Do About Saggy Arms?

You can somewhat diminish the appearance of saggy arms through diet and exercise. Though it is impossible to spot-reduce fat, an overall reduction in weight will eventually lead to fat loss in your arms. In addition, good nutrition will support skin elasticity.

In some cases, however, diet and exercise are not enough. Often, no amount of diet or exercise will remove stubborn fat and excess skin, and you may require surgery to address the issue.

Arm Lift

An arm lift is the best procedure to address uncomfortable or unsightly saggy skin under the arms. It eliminates this concern safely and effectively. The procedure is quick, usually taking around two hours, and patients can typically return to normal activities after a week. 

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