5 Things to Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

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Posted: November 26, 2019

A group of three women on the beach in tiny bikinis with only their butts and torsos in the photoBrazilian butt lift remains a popular aesthetic procedure across the U.S. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that there were over 24,000 buttock augmentations with fat grafting performed in 2018, which was a 10 percent increase from the previous year. It's popular with good reason! This procedure uses the patient's natural fat cells instead of artificial implants, which is appealing to many people. See 5 things to know about this surgery in the sections below.

1. It uses your own fat, so it's completely natural augmentation.

While buttock augmentation with implants is also an effective method, many people love the fact that Brazilian butt lift uses their own fat. It's a great option if you feel like your butt is too flat or lacks shape. It's also a good way to balance the proportions of your upper and lower body, and to create an hour-glass figure. People love the way they look in skinny jeans, yoga pants and bikinis after BBL surgery.

2. The best candidates have fat to spare.

There needs to be enough extra fat to transfer to the buttocks. After listening to your goals and discussing your options, Dr. Victor Perez will be able to determine if there is enough fat to harvest from one or more areas of your body. He'll let you know what alternatives are available if there is not enough fat.

3. There is the added benefit of liposuction.

A before and after photo of Dr. Perez's Brazilian butt lift patientNot only does Brazilian butt lift create an enviable derriere, the procedure has the added benefit of slimming down excess fat in another area. You'll be able to take the fat from one of those problem areas that has been bothering you, and have it moved to the buttocks to create shape and volume. Here are some of the most typical areas for fat removal:

  • Abdomen/belly
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Upper arms

The fat is taken with liposuction. Dr. Perez then cleans and purifies the fat so that the cells are isolated. He injects the fat into strategic areas to create the shape and size you both decide on. The fat removed from an area is gone from that area for good. Although it is of course still possible to gain weight, the area that was slimmed down should remain that way for the long term.

4. But it's not a way to lose weight.

Liposuction isn't actually a weight loss method. Although the fat deposit will be removed, this doesn't amount to significant weight loss.

5. The results are long-lasting.

BBL results can last for decades without changing because the transferred fat becomes a part of the existing fat. This won't stop the natural effects of aging or gravity, and it can't prevent excess weight gain that would change your buttock results. But with a healthy diet and physical activity, you should be able to maintain the new shape of your butt for the long term.

The Only Way To Find Out If It's Right For You

Dr. Victor Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of surgical experience. Brazilian butt lift is one of his main areas of focus at Renue Aesthetic Surgery in Overland Park, KS. The only way to know if you're a good BBL candidate is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Perez at his modern, state-of-the-art office. To learn more, please call our staff at 913-685-1108.


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