Could Buccal Fat Removal Be the Move for You?

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Posted: November 15, 2023

Could Buccal Fat Removal Be the Move for You?Everyone deserves the ability to look and feel their best. From simple dietary changes to intense weight-loss programs, there are a lot of ways to take the betterment of your body image into your hands. However, sometimes genetics can get in the way of how some people want to look, and this is especially common when it comes to cheek fat. Thankfully, buccal fat removal is a simple and effective treatment that serves to help your cheeks look slimmer and well-sculpted.

Buccal fat removal is conducted through a minor surgical procedure that permanently extracts far from beneath your cheekbone. There are a lot of valid reasons why buccal fat removal may be right for you. However, a more critical factor to consider is whether or not you are suitable for it.

You'll make for an ideal candidate if:

You Are Dissatisfied With the Look of Your Cheeks

First and foremost, you'll have to be dissatisfied with the fullness or roundness of your cheeks. Moreover, your end goal for the treatment should be in line with what buccal fat removal can actually do, which is slim your face and make it appear more contoured. With a need for treatment and a set of realistic goals, there are two other important factors to consider.

You're in Decent Overall Health

As with any elective surgery, it is essential that you are in a good state of overall health. This ensures that any risks during and after the procedure are minimized as much as possible. Not only will this lead to the best results possible, but it will also ensure your comfort and continued health throughout the treatment process.

You're a Non-smoker

Though you may be in pristine health, being a smoker could also disqualify you from being a good candidate for buccal fat removal. Smoking can complicate any surgical procedure. From impairing your body's ability to heal and contributing to the formation of scars to increasing the risk of anesthetic ineffectiveness and pain during and after the procedure, kicking the habit is in your best interest if you've been considering this treatment.

Streamlined Buccal Fat Removal at Renue Aesthetic Surgery

If you're looking to slim your facial figure with buccal fat removal, feel free to reach out to Dr. Victor M. Perez at 913-685-1108. As a nationally and internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Perez offers first-class aesthetic surgery in Overland Park, KS, and even works as the Chief of Plastic Surgery Services at the veteran's hospital in Kansas City.

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