Common Nose Concerns That Rhinoplasty Can Fix

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Posted: February 25, 2022

Everyone who dreams of getting rhinoplasty has their own imperfections they want to treat. Fortunately, nose surgery is one of the most versatile and customizable procedures around! It can be tailored to your unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals for the most flattering results.

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Victor Perez, rhinoplasty can fix a:

  • List of concerns nose surgery can treat infographicCrooked bridge: Some people are born with crooked noses. Others develop them due to injury. Whatever your situation, rhinoplasty can help straighten your nasal bridge. 
  • Prominent bump: Bumps and humps on the nasal bridge can also be a result of injury or genetics. Patients often request to flatten out these features during rhinoplasty. Even this small change can completely transform the way that your nose looks from the side.
  • Wide or drooping tip: The tip of the nose is another problem area for many patients. It can be too wide, bulbous, droopy, or upturned. Some people experience a drooping nasal tip due to age-related changes to the structure of their nose. Rhinoplasty can help. 
  • Asymmetrical nose: Completely symmetrical features are quite rare. However, significant asymmetries can be distressing to some people. In this case, nose surgery can achieve a much more proportional look, though perfect symmetry is not always possible. When asymmetry is caused by a deviated septum, surgery can also make breathing easier.

These are not the only treatable imperfections. Rhinoplasty can also give you a shorter or smaller nose to help balance your facial features. It can address indentations, projection concerns, nose width, a sharp or insufficient nose angle, nostril width and size, and other concerns. View our nose surgery before and after gallery to see what might be possible.

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