Why full correction is important when it comes to Botox.

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Posted: February 24, 2015

Why full correction is important when it comes to Botox.

Recently, actress Reese Witherspoon presented at the Oscars.  She looked great in her gown, makeup and hair.  We love Reese!  There was only one problem.  Her Botox was not the best.  We wish we could have helped her!

It appeared she had received injections in the glabellar region and at the crow’s feet.  Those areas were smooth and looked great.  The problem was her forehead appeared to be left untreated. Every time she used her facial muscles when speaking there was an area of the forehead that showed an odd group of transverse forehead lines with the glabellar region smooth and nonfunctioning.  It left for an uncorrected group of lines across the top of her forehead and a bizarre facial expression.

She could have had better results if she was completely corrected by injecting certain areas across the forehead.

Here at Renue Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Perez’s approach to Botox will leave you with the best results. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Perez knows how the muscles of the face work in conjunction with each other.  His approach is simple.  Inject in a way that the glabellar muscles, crow’s feet and forehead are smooth.  Usually this requires a 50 unit dose and disclosing that some of the injected areas would be an “off label” injection, since Botox is now approved for the crows feet and glabellar area only.

We have had many patients who have received Botox by the area from other places, thinking they were getting a deal; when it turns out they end up with results a lot like Reese got.  Once these patients get injected by Dr. Perez and see full correction they notice the difference.  I might also add that many report that their Botox lasts longer.  For more information on how you can get a fresher look from Botox call our office for a consultation today.  By Diana RN