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Posted: August 8, 2019

Woman in a black bra after breast augmentationBreast enlargement has been the Number 1 cosmetic procedure in the U.S. since 2006, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Using breast implants, Dr. Victor Perez can create the breast size and shape you are envisioning. First, he'll want to listen to your concerns so he can make tailored recommendations. To schedule a breast augmentation consultation in Overland Park, please call Renue Aesthetic Surgery at 913-685-1108.

Signs Breast Augmentation May Be Right For You

There are several types of cosmetic breast surgery. Breast enlargement may be right for you if one of the following applies:

  • Small breasts
  • Lack of breast fullness and cleavage
  • Breast shape you are unhappy with
  • You would like your chest to look fuller in tops and dresses
  • One breast is a different size, shape or position than the other (i.e. asymmetrical)
  • You'd like to feel more sexy and confident in your skin
  • You'd like to emphasize your bust in any outfit

You may have always wanted larger breasts, or it may have been a more recent realization. Perhaps you've noticed changes after pregnancy, weight loss, or because of aging. On the other hand, you may have had small breasts since adolescence and always yearned for a bustier, fuller chest. In 2018, women between the ages of 30 to 39 made up the majority of breast augmentation patients with 37 percent of the total. Women in their 30s often experience all of the life changes we're talking about, from pregnancy to weight fluctuations to the first signs of aging. Older women and younger women undergo this procedure as well, showing that anytime in your adult life may be the right time to get the body you want.

Please see Dr. Perez's before-and-after breast augmentation results.

What To Do Next

Before and after image of Dr. Perez's Overland Park breast augmentation patientMost women who want larger breasts are good candidates for breast augmentation; however, an in-person consultation is necessary so Dr. Perez can determine your candidacy. You'll discuss your goals and he will perform a physical exam of your chest to make sure your expected outcomes align with the procedure. You'll discuss your health history and current health, your understanding of the surgery and the recovery, and many other things related to undergoing this procedure. This consultation includes ample time for you to ask any and all questions on your mind. Dr. Perez wants to make sure you have clear, straightforward information as you make this decision.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will have to wait to undergo surgery. After childbirth, most women should wait about a year to get breast augmentation. Your body will be adjusting back toward its baseline during this time, including your breast size and shape. Surgery should be performed on breasts that have stabilized in terms of size and shape so that a precise, satisfactory result is produced.

Arrange a Breast Surgery Consultation with Dr. Perez

Dr. Victor Perez has been providing breast surgery to women in the Kansas and Missouri region for more than a decade. To arrange a consultation at our Overland Park office, please call Renue Aesthetic Surgery at 913-685-1108. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and to tell you more about us.

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