How You Can Prepare For Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

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Posted: December 31, 2023

RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is among one of the most popular plastic surgeries available, with over 350,000 being performed every year in the US. If you have decided to have a rhinoplasty, choose an experienced and well-trained surgeon to perform your procedure. Dr. Victor Perez at Renue Plastic Surgery has been trained nationally and internationally, is board-certified, and has over 25 years of surgical experience. By working with an experienced plastic surgeon, you can ensure beautiful, natural results. 

However, your surgeon is not the only factor that can affect how your results turn out. How you prepare for your procedure can play a major role in your recovery, ultimately affecting the outcome of your rhinoplasty. 

Learn more about the steps you can take to ensure a successful procedure and a smooth recovery process following your rhinoplasty

How to Prepare for Your Rhinoplasty

You should begin prepping for your surgery in the days before your procedure. The following steps are highly recommended to help your recovery go smoothly:

Take Care of Your Body

The week before your procedure, getting as much rest as possible and staying hydrated is highly recommended. Procedures can be hard on the body since they require extensive healing and recovery. Going into your procedure well-rested will improve your energy. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated and help your body’s natural healing processes. 

Make a Plan

Now is the time to start making your plan for your aftercare. While you may have already scheduled time away from work, you should also ask any family or friends if they’re available to drive you home from the procedure and if they can stop by in the following days to help. You may also start meal prepping.

The Day Before Your Procedure 

On the day before your procedure, you should start fasting at midnight since you will be under general anesthesia for your rhinoplasty. Although you will have to change into a gown for the rhinoplasty itself, choosing a comfortable outfit beforehand to wear after your surgery will save you time and can help you begin your recovery process the right way.

Speak With Dr. Perez

For more information on preparing for your procedure, speak to Dr. Perez. He can give you more specific instructions on medications, creams, and activities you should avoid, as well as any prescribed medications you should pick up before your rhinoplasty. Contact the office today at 913-685-1108 for more information. We proudly serve Kansas City, Olathe, Overland Park, and surrounding areas in Kansas and Missouri.

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