5 Things to Know About Mommy Makeover

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Posted: December 20, 2018

Mom doing yoga with young daughterYou've heard the term before, but what exactly does it mean? "Mommy makeover" is a phrase generally referring to procedures designed to address certain physical changes caused by pregnancy. A mommy makeover isn't any specific method, but instead could include various types of plastic surgery chosen to achieve your goals.

The important thing is that you get the results you want. Dr. Victor Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Overland Park. He'll help you decide if cosmetic surgery is the right way to address fat, sagging skin, deflated breasts or other issues you'd like to reverse. To learn more, please call 913-685-1108.

Below, we look at 10 things to know about mom makeovers.

  1. The term is flexible and refers to a custom set of procedures.

The goal of any mommy makeover is to create the final aesthetic results the patient wants. It is customized to address your areas of concern. In reality, it could be just a single procedure that comprises your mommy makeover. Some women choose two or more procedures. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to complete two or more procedures in a single surgical appointment, which means you'll have only one recovery instead of multiple.

Any procedure could be included. Typically, procedures for moms are focused on those body areas that tend to hold on to fat and that begin to sag after pregnancy. Common procedures include:

Whether you've already been thinking about certain surgeries or have no idea which ones may be right for you, rely on Dr. Perez to help you make decisions about your treatment plan. We are passionate about achieving great results our patients love.

  1. You will need some downtime after surgery.

Moms have full schedules. No doubt about it. You may balance childcare, a career, housework, exercise...the list can seem endless! It's true that you will need to take time off from your normal activities after a mommy makeover. The exact amount of time and the nature of the restrictions depend on which procedures are performed. As mentioned above, an advantage of combining procedures instead of spacing them out is that you will have only one recovery period.

Depending on the procedures, you may need to take anywhere from 1 or 2 weeks, potentially up to 6 weeks off from strenuous exercise. If you work, you'll need to stay home for several days or longer. The first couple of days may be the toughest, because you'll need to let your loved ones handle all the chores, childcare, cooking, etc. Prioritize you during this time! Relax and let your body heal. You deserve it.

  1. None of the mommy makeover procedures will interfere with having more children.

Person pinching their waistline which is sketched with markerYou'll still be able to become pregnant and have more children after a tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.

  1. Ideally, purely in terms of preserving results, you may want to get a mom makeover once you no longer plan for more kids.

While mommy makeover procedures won't interfere with your ability to become pregnant, you may want to delay the procedures until you plan for no more children. Another pregnancy could certainly change the results you get from surgery. For example, another pregnancy could stretch your belly skin that has been tightened with a tummy tuck. Of course the decision is yours and yours alone, and you can count on us to provide all the information you need to make that decision.

  1. Don't expect to get a mommy makeover a few weeks or months after childbirth.

Your body's hormones and weight will need to stabilize first. After childbirth, you'll lose water weight and your abdominal tissues will heal themselves. You may wish to pursue some weight loss and fitness goals to get as close to your ideal weight as possible before body-shaping surgery. Mommy makeovers are not generally recommended any earlier than six months after childbirth.

Find Out If You're a Mommy Makeover Candidate

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