Breast Lift Scars and Other Results

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Posted: March 21, 2019

Close-up of a woman's breasts in a white bra after breast lift surgeryDrooping, deflated breasts may leave you wishing for a firmer, perkier bust. Breast lift surgery removes sagging skin and tightens breast tissue. Nipples are restored to a higher position if they have descended. The goal is to bring back your own positive feelings about your body. While incisions are one aspect of breast lift surgery, the resulting scars will be as minimal and camouflaged as possible.

Breast Lift Incisions

There are three breast lift incisions, one of which will be right for you:

  • Around the areolas: These incisions are camouflaged at the margin of the areola and breast skin, where there is a  change in skin color and texture.
  • The "lollipop" incision: These incisions look a little bit like a lollipop shape. This incision is made around the areola and extends vertically from the areola down to the crease beneath the breasts.
  • The "anchor" incision: A lollipop incision combined with a horizontal incision along the inframammary fold (the crease where the breast and chest meet) is called an anchor incision because the shape is similar to an anchor.

Incisions for your breast lift will depend on the degree of sagging and excess skin, your breast size and several other factors Dr. Perez will discuss with you. Dr. Perez and our entire team want you to love your results. Dr. Perez balances your desire for discreet, minimal scarring with the requirements posed by the degree of sagging skin.

"What Results Can I Expect?"

Dr. Perez tailors each procedure to the individual. He'll be able to make treatment recommendations after meeting with you to discuss the changes you want to see. Then you'll have a good idea of the results possible. We'll also show you before-and-after breast lift images so that you can see what past patients have achieved.

Before-and-after image of Dr. Perez's breast lift patient in Kansas City

In general, the results of a breast lift are that the following issues are reversed:

  • Pendulous, drooping breasts
  • Nipples pointing downward
  • Breasts that have lost firmness and shape
  • Nipples that have fallen below the inframammary crease, where the breast meets the chest wall
  • Stretched areolas/nipples
  • Asymmetrical breasts (size, shape, firmness or position may be asymmetrical)

Oftentimes, these breast changes occur after pregnancy, or because of weight fluctuations or simply the fact of growing older. Some women develop these breast characteristics during puberty, and may have wanted firmer, perkier breasts their entire adult lives.

Results are long-lasting. The skin that is removed is gone for good, but no surgery can stop the aging process and the effects of gravity. You'll probably experience some loss of firmness in the decades ahead, but the breast lift will have permanently set back the clock on the effect of aging on your breasts. You can promote lasting results by protecting your skin from sun exposure, staying hydrated, moisturizing your skin and continuing to not smoke.

Take The Next Step in Choosing Your Breast Lift Options

Meeting with experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez will give you the opportunity to discuss breast lift incisions, your breast lift candidacy, breast lift results and the procedure, and any other aspects you are wondering about. To arrange your consultation with Dr. Perez in Overland Park, please call Renue Aesthetic Surgery at 913-685-1108.

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