Why Women Choose to Find Comfort Through Breast Reduction

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Posted: November 30, 2023

breast reductionBeing able to exist in a body that looks and feels up to your standards can have immense benefits to both your mental and physical well-being. Although society often touts larger breasts as a staple of femininity and beauty, this perception is not only harmful to women with smaller frames and body shapes but equally so to those with large breasts who may not feel confident or comfortable with them. As such, many turn to breast reduction that allows them to reclaim control of their body and image.

Breast reduction surgery is a simple procedure wherein excess breast tissue and skin are removed to achieve a smaller, more comfortable breast. This is chosen by women from all walks of life for a variety of personal reasons, including:

Chronic Aches and Pains Caused by Breast Size

Larger breasts—especially those somewhat disproportionate to the rest of the body—can have a negative long-term impact on one’s health. This skewed distribution of weight can cause excessive strain on a woman’s back, shoulders, and neck, as the muscles in these areas carry the bulk of the weight of one’s breasts.

Painful Shoulder Grooves After Wearing a Bra

Similarly, the disproportionate weight of large breasts can make wearing even the most comfortable bras an uncomfortable experience. The straps of bras can often dig into the skin of women’s shoulders when subject to the weight of large breasts, which can create bothersome and often painful shoulder grooves. With breast reduction surgery, the weight that causes both of the above issues can be resolved.

Discomfort and Difficulties When Trying to Exercise

Not only is weight an issue, but the size itself can become a problem, especially for women who enjoy exercising or are looking to get into a better workout routine. Excessively large breasts can make cardio activities (such as jogging and jumping jacks) and weight lifting (bench pressing) more challenging than they ought to be, if not outright impossible.

Choose Dr. Perez for First-Class Breast Reduction

If you can relate to any of the above issues that women with large breasts often face, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery at Renue Aesthetic Surgery. By giving Dr. Perez a call at 913-685-1108, you could have access to the first-class breast reduction in Overland Park, KS, that you need.

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