6 Ways to Speed Up Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Posted: August 11, 2021

It usually takes one to two weeks to recover from rhinoplasty. During that time, you may experience swelling, bruising, and a stuffy-nose feeling. If you want to speed up the process and make sure that everything heals properly, these six easy tips are a great place to start:


  1. Don’t blow your nose: Your nose may bleed or feel clogged for approximately 24 hours after surgery. However, you should resist the urge to blow it, because doing so could rupture your stitches. If you have to sneeze, try to do it with your mouth open.
  2. Ice the area: Swelling and bruising are normal following rhinoplasty. You can decrease these side effects by gently icing your nose or applying a cold compress. A good rule of thumb is to ice your nose for twenty minutes an hour for the first two days.
  3. Keep your head elevated: Another great way to reduce swelling is to avoid lying flat or bending over. It can cause additional fluid to build up around your nose. To prevent this, make sure your head remains elevated 30 degrees at all times. That means sleeping with extra pillows or using a reclining chair.
  4. Take pain medication as needed: Nose surgery recovery is generally very tolerable. If you experience any discomfort or pain, oral narcotic pain medication can help. You will receive instructions on what medications to take and when you can take them.
  5. Use a nasal saline solution: Nasal dryness is a common complaint during the healing process. Fortunately, it can be treated with the use of a nasal saline solution. Saline solutions also help to get rid of that unpleasant stuffy feeling.
  6. Perform nasal massage: It can take up to a year for swelling to subside entirely. Massaging your nose can help eliminate any lingering puffiness. Be sure to wait at least two weeks after your surgery and use light pressure. 

Get Specific Aftercare Recommendations

Are you ready to receive specific instructions for your rhinoplasty recovery? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez will gladly explain how to care for the surgical site, when to return for a follow-up appointment, and other important considerations. 

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