Tips for Choosing the Perfect Breast Implant Size

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Posted: July 23, 2021

Woman choosing breast implant sizeYou have unique goals for your breast augmentation. Whether you want to add subtle volume and shape or achieve a flatteringly full effect, it’s crucial to pick the right breast implant size. 

Some implants will get you closer to your ideal results than others — not to mention they will work better for your body and lifestyle. Here are some must-know tips to help you choose.

Forget About Cup Size 

Many women think about implants in terms of cup sizes. After all, that’s how they were taught to measure their breasts when bra shopping. However, getting hung up on cup sizes isn't particularly helpful during the implant selection process. 

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs) based on the volume they hold. It’s difficult to translate cup sizes into CCs. Not only that, but bra sizing isn’t standardized, and a C cup from one brand might be the same as a B cup from another. Choose what works best for you over an arbitrary measurement of how big your breasts should be. 

Align with Your Activity Level 

It’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing an implant size. Are you the type who loves to break a sweat at the gym or crush a workout class?

In that case, very large breast implants may not be ideal. Larger breasts will feel different and need more support. Therefore, a smaller or lower profile implant could be a better match.   

Do a Trial Run with Implant Sizers

Implants sizers can be used in our office to give you a better idea of what to expect after surgery. You can put them in your bra to mimic the end result. We offer a range of options.

Many women also like to create implant sizers at home. This involves putting rice in pantyhose or a plastic bag. DIY sizers are not perfect, but they can let you try out a certain look for a day.

Schedule a Consultation in Kansas City 

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