Reshape Your Assets with a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Posted: January 10, 2014

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure helps to reshape your assets!

People of all ages want a better looking butt. That is exactly what Dr. Perez and the Brazilian Butt Lift can do for you; give you a better looking rear. This butt augmentation procedure results in a more youthful, prominent, and perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile without the need for an implant.

Fit better into your jeans, improve your waistline and fill out that swimsuit!

At Renue Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Perez’s technique of fat harvest involves carefully removing the fat from targeted areas, such as the love handles, stomach, back and thighs. The fat cells are then prepared for injection in sterile fashion and methodically re-injected into the buttock in a uniform fashion. Attention is given to fill the buttock where volume is needed, so that the butt appears lifted and perky, with a smooth, natural looking appearance.

Not only do you get the results of a better looking buttock, you also get the added benefits of body contouring from removing fat from the unwanted donor fat sites. Dr. Perez believes removing the fat from these unwanted sites can dramatically improve one’s waistline and back side,  leading to a more proportionate midsection to rear ratio.

Dr. Perez’s experience with fat cell harvest, processing and transfer is such that results are long lasting!

So why not accentuate the curves that you may already have, add volume to where it once was, or get the butt you’ve always wanted!

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