Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

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Posted: October 27, 2021

Some people who have round cheeks dislike the so-called baby face look that they can create. Fortunately, the buccal fat removal procedure can reveal more sculpted and mature contours. Also known as cheek reduction, this surgery offers many benefits that make it a popular pick. 

For example, you may decide to get buccal fat removal because it:

  • Buccal fat removal benefits infographicEliminates excess cheek fat: Everyone has these areas of facial fat known as buccal fat pads. The size of them varies and is often determined by genetics. You can be at your goal weight and still have large buccal fat pads that refuse to slim down. Buccal fat removal eliminates the fat pads entirely to make your lower face look more sculpted.
  • Improves cheekbone definition: Your buccal fat pads sit just below your cheekbones. When you remove them, it makes your cheekbones more prominent. For some patients, their results are so incredibly sculpted that the hollows of their cheeks look similar to what you would expect to see if they were puckering their lips or drinking from a straw.
  • Requires minimal downtime: You will not need to clear your schedule for very long after buccal fat removal. Most patients can return to their normal activities after three days. Swelling can last for several weeks and will fade to reveal a more sculpted look.
  • Offers permanent results: Your cheek fat is completely removed during this procedure. That means the results are permanent. Even if you gain weight after surgery, it is unlikely to change the cosmetic outcome of your procedure in a significant way.
  • Leaves no visible scarring: The incisions for cheek slimming surgery are made inside of your mouth. You will have no visible scarring from this type of facial procedure.

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You deserve to love the way that you look. If you are unhappy with the size and fullness of your cheeks, a buccal fat removal procedure may be the ideal way to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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