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Dr. Victor Perez talking to a patient at Renue Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. Perez at the VA Medical Center

November 13, 2018

VA Medical Center in Kansas CityDr. Victor Perez not only provides a wide array of plastic surgery procedures through his private practice, he is also Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Kansas City VA hospital. Dr. Perez is proud of the reconstructive services he is able to provide to the brave men and women who have served our country. To learn more, please call us at 913-685-1108…

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What Our Customers Say

November 09, 2018

Category: Mommy Makeover

The Importance of BMI (Body Mass Index)

November 05, 2018

Body Mass Index Chart For Men & Women

BMI, which stands for Body Mass Index, is calculated based on a person's height and weight. The resulting number indicates whether a person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

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The Importance of a Skin Care Regimen

October 30, 2018

By Diana Hernandez, Licensed Esthetician

When it comes to skincare many people do not have the information that is needed to put together an effective daily skin care regimen.  Don’t worry; as a professional Esthetician, I can help…

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Training Required to be a Real Plastic Surgeon

October 22, 2018

Training Required To Be A Real Plastic Surgeon

Being Board Certified in Plastic Surgery far exceeds the minimum requirements for earning an MD and involves YEARS of hands-on-real-world experience.

First 4 years Bachelors degree from a University or College, followed by 4 years of Medical School education and training.

Next a 3 year minimum experience in general surgery residency and 3 year…

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Reasons Why Breast Augmentation Remains the Number 1 Procedure

October 15, 2018

Woman in Kansas City after breast augmentation When it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures, breast augmentation takes the Number 1 spot year after year. In Overland Park, Kansas, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez will help you decide if it's the right way to rejuvenate your look. To arrange a consultation, please call us at 913-685-1108.

The Statistics

Breast augmentation…

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How does the CO2 Laser Soften Summer Skin Damage?

September 26, 2018

It's official: Fall has arrived. The first day of the new season was this past Sunday, September 23. We're already seeing a big difference across our region of Kansas this week, with highs in the mid-60s and rain in the extended forecast. Not quite ready to embrace the chill? Not so excited about the dry, scaly skin ahead? We totally get it. But with CO2 laser skin resurfacing, you can put your best face forward by renewing your skin. To learn more, please call Renue Aesthetic Surgery in Overland Park at 913-685-1108.

Why the Fall is a Great Time for Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Is there an Ideal Lip?

May 25, 2016

Is there an "Ideal Lip"?

Everyone’s facial structure is different-and so is everyone’s ideal lip shape and size.  Restylane is helping redefine lip enhancement, with a customized treatment that follows well-accepted aesthetic guidelines.  Used in this way, Restylane can help you achieve your own “Ideal Lip.”

The Divine Proportion-a vision of beauty

For centuries, artists have used the Divine Proportion to create harmony and balance. For lips, it translates into a…

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May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May 25, 2016

May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Is your skin ready for the summer? Remember May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Why is this important to know? According to healthfinder.gov Skin Cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. What’s the main cause? Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Avoiding long exposures to the sun and tanning beds are a step in the right direction, in really protecting your skin. If any suspicious mole or irregularity…

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The importance of this logo

December 01, 2015

The importance of this logo

What does this logo mean? It’s the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS®) logo. When you choose a doctor who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can rest assured that your surgeon is qualified to perform your surgery. Dr. Perez is a member of the ASPS!

ASAPS  membership remains an exclusive privilege for surgeons who possess the  necessary qualifications. Only about one-quarter of all American Board of  Plastic Surgery…

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