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Why Women Choose to Find Comfort Through Breast Reduction

November 30, 2023

breast reductionBeing able to exist in a body that looks and feels up to your standards can have immense benefits to both your mental and physical well-being. Although society often touts larger breasts as a staple of femininity and beauty, this perception is not only harmful to women with smaller frames and body shapes but equally so to those with large breasts who may not feel confident or comfortable with them. As such, many turn to …

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Could Buccal Fat Removal Be the Move for You?

November 15, 2023

Could Buccal Fat Removal Be the Move for You?Everyone deserves the ability to look and feel their best. From simple dietary changes to intense weight-loss programs, there are a lot of ways to take the betterment of your body image into your hands. However, sometimes genetics can get in the way of how some people want to look, and this is especially common when it comes to cheek fat. Thankfully, buccal fat removal is a simple and…

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How You Can Benefit From a Thigh Lift Procedure

October 31, 2023

Thigh liftAfter losing a lot of weight, it is incredibly common for individuals to have excess skin in their thigh areas. If this is a problem that you are struggling with, it is essential to recognize the benefits that you can receive by undergoing a thigh lift procedure. Dr. Victor M. Perez, MD, has extensive experience performing this procedure and can help you receive all of the positive changes that it can bring. 

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Top Benefits of Ear Pinning: Am I a Candidate?

September 30, 2023

Ear PinningCountless people struggle with the appearance of their ears. Unfortunately, there are cases where ears are disproportionate, positioned at different heights, and even stick out. Individuals who struggle with these and other problems with their ears have the ability to go through ear pinning. This procedure can effectively correct many issues that people have with the appearance of their ears. 

The Benefits of Ear…

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5 Things to Know Before Facial Fat Transfer

September 15, 2023

Facial Fat TransferAs we age, our skin and soft tissue go through unpleasant changes. This can result in sagging, drooping, wrinkles, and the appearance of fine lines. A facial fat transfer can help you overcome some of these issues and restore a youthful glow. This treatment helps address the loss of facial fullness and provides immediate results.

5 Things to Know Before Facial Fat Transfer

If you are…

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Who Is an Ideal Candidate for a Gynecomastia Procedure?

July 31, 2023

Gynecomastia is a common problem in many men in the United States and can lead to a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. For some men, it can even feel embarrassing. If you’re a man struggling with gynecomastia, fortunately, there is a solution. Gynecomastia procedures can help reduce the amount of breast tissue and overall size to help you regain your confidence. See if you are an ideal candidate for a gynecomastia…

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Rhinoplasty: Everything You Need to Know

July 15, 2023

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures around the world. Enhancing the appearance of your nose can help you feel more confident and help boost your self-esteem as well. A rhinoplasty procedure can correct many different issues regarding the nose such as the nasal tip, nostrils, nasal bridge, and more. Here is everything you need to know about rhinoplasty. 


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Breast Augmentation Recovery, Everything You Need to Know.

June 30, 2023

Breast augmentation recoveryImmediately after your breast augmentation procedure can be an exciting time. Knowing you’ve improved your breasts and can take more pride in them is a great feeling. Especially if you are eager to get back to your day-to-day activities and enjoy what it is like to have them. However, like any procedure, it is crucial that you give your body and your newly enhanced breasts the time they need to recover. The inability to do this can lead to discomfort and the overall procedure…

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Breast Augmentation Implants, Which One Is Right for Me?

June 15, 2023

Breast Augmentation Implants, Which Type Is Right for Me?

Breast augmentation procedures can be a gateway to self-confidence and feeling better about your breasts overall. Depending on which type of implant you opt for during your procedure, your newfound breasts may have any number of benefits, and not just in the looks department. Renue Aesthetic Surgery is here whenever you’d like to have a…

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Your Guide to Buccal Fat Removal

May 31, 2023

Woman with a slim face and structured cheekbones At Renue Aesthetic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor M. Perez provides Overland Park patients with exceptional cosmetic solutions for the face and body. In addition to performing popular procedures such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, he also offers less invasive options that are an effective way to enhance your natural beauty, including

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