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Frequently Asked Breast Augmentation Questions

October 15, 2019

Young brunette woman in a floral bandeau top smiling at the camera after breast augmentation

Choosing to get breast augmentation is a significant decision. We want you to have all the answers and information you need. At Renue Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Victor Perez provides consultations at our state-of-the-art practice in Overland Park. We're happy to answer your questions and get you started down the road to breast enhancement. To learn more, please call

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The Autumn and Winter are Great Seasons for Tummy Tuck Surgery

October 08, 2019

This time of year is a great time to undergo a tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedure. Although the right time is anytime you feel ready, autumn and winter have particular benefits, including:

  • Holiday time off from work you can apply toward your recovery
  • Colder temps mean you can cover up bruising and…
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Tummy Tuck Recovery

September 05, 2019

Woman with a flat belly after tummy tuck surgery wearing fitness clothes

Tummy tuck surgery – also called abdominoplasty – flattens your tummy. It is especially beneficial if you have worked hard to achieve a toned body, but can't seem to rid your belly of the stubborn bulge.

Like any surgery procedure, tummy tucks require patients to take some time off from work, play and exercise in order to heal properly.

The Day of Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Candidates

August 08, 2019

Woman in a black bra after breast augmentationBreast enlargement has been the Number 1 cosmetic procedure in the U.S. since 2006, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Using breast implants, Dr. Victor Perez can create the breast size and shape you are envisioning. First, he'll want to listen to your concerns so he can make…

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Do I Need to Lose Weight Before a Cosmetic Procedure?

July 23, 2019

Woman happy while she stands on a scale and sees weight loss Making sure you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery is an important part of the process. One of the candidacy factors is body weight. Some people may be advised by the plastic surgeon that they will need to lose a certain amount of weight in order for surgery to be safe and effective. This could apply to any procedure, and it often comes up in relation to body surgeries, including:

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17 Years of Service at the Kansas City VA Medical Center

July 16, 2019

We are proud to celebrate Dr. Victor Perez's 17 years of service as the Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. Dr. Perez recently received a commemorative pin honoring 15 years of service (a little late, but worth the wait!). As a surgical practice, our entire staff is exceedingly proud of the important surgical services Dr. Perez provides to retired servicemen and servicewomen in our region.

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Do You Need a Tummy Tuck?

May 08, 2019

Tummy tuck surgery (also called "abdominoplasty") sculpts and re-shapes the belly by removing excess skin and fat. The only way to know if you can benefit from a tummy tuck, and if it is the right procedure for your goals, is to visit experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez. He makes sure you know all of your options. Tummy tucks benefit a wide range of patients, including moms interested in rejuvenating their bodies, as well as men and women wanting to define and sculpt their abdomens.

Tummy Tuck May Be the Right Option for Addressing Post-Pregnancy Changes

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CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing This Spring

April 11, 2019

Are you interested in repairing common skin problems on your face, neck and chest? CO2 laser skin resurfacing is an effective, minimally invasive way to do so. The springtime is ideal for this laser therapy. Learn why in the sections below.

Why Now Is A Great Time for CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Truthfully, any time of year is a great time to get laser skin resurfacing, but the cloudy days that linger in the springtime are beneficial in two ways: limited sun exposure before your treatment and after.

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Breast Augmentation was the Top Cosmetic Procedure Again in 2018

April 01, 2019

Breast enlargement has once again taken the top spobreasts-swimsuit-stomach.jpgt for annual number of procedures, according to recently released statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This procedure increases breast size while also improving overall breast shape, projection and cleavage.

Breast Augmentation Remains Wildly Popular

In 2018, there were 313,735 breast augmentations…

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Breast Lift Scars and Other Results

March 21, 2019

Close-up of a woman's breasts in a white bra after breast lift surgeryDrooping, deflated breasts may leave you wishing for a firmer, perkier bust. Breast lift surgery removes sagging skin and tightens breast tissue. Nipples are restored to a higher position if they have descended. The goal is to bring back your own positive feelings about your body. While incisions are one aspect of breast lift surgery, the resulting scars will be as minimal and…

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